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Is Nude Lipstick Right for You

Mac Lipstick

Is Nude Lipstick Right for You

MAC Lipsticks come in all colors ,but Nude is the HOT Trend.The Nude Lipstick tend is sweeping the Beauty circles and MAC is at the forefront. Is Nude Lipstick Right for You? Does the nude look like a flashy trend that will be gone just about the time you get on board? Is nude right for you? One of the problems is choosing the right nude can be hard. If you choose to dark it will make people focus directly to your lips instead of your entire beauty. To lite and you look anemic. Nude lipsticks are an absolute necessity to have in your beauty war chest and now we have made it easy for you to choose the correct nude lipstick for your skin tone.

With the wide selection from MAC Cosmetics of color choices available, MAC Distributor would like to get you matched up with the correct nude lipstick but also know beauty is much about “change of pace” or “a new look”. To be ready for both, we recommend you make your choice using the following for each skin tone and then get also a shade lighter or darker to change it up.

Fair Skin Nude Lipsticks

Lighter skin requires a pink undertones nude. This will enhance your natural beauty and blend in the nude. You want to avoid darker nudes that cover up the lips. Anything with a Brown undertone should be avoided.

Change it up: Want to get a little different look today? Use a nude lipstick with beige undertones. Especially, a very light beige that will just give a slight tint to your lips. Stay away from Sheer lipstick choices.

 Medium Skin Nude Lipsticks

Sometimes your mood may make you see past your actual skin color or your hair color on this day might sway you to overlook the actual skin tone. For medium skin tone, choose a nude with Caramel, Orange or Yellow undertones. These colors will make you have a balanced look of natural beauty. Remove the thought that dark or real wild nude colors will enhance your medium skin tone natural beauty. We know sometimes your shouting…” hey World, pay attention to me”. We want to help you accomplish that thru your natural beauty.

Change it up: Our recommendation is to try a pale nude with a sheer formula. This will be a noticeable change flattering your skin tones. A great way to wear a Caramel nude to work and then go to a Pale with a Sheer for the evening out.

MAC Nudes Dark Skin Tone Nude Lipsticks

The darker skin tones beg for a rich Brown choice. Many times, the Women with more Melanin are considered a Dusky tone. Not necessarily. Don’t be confused, the dark skin tones set up well for a brown or maybe even a hint of rose in a nude.

Change it up: Try a Berry or other bold choice on darker tones. It will give you the difference your looking for while still blending the balance of your beauty.

In summary: Is Nude Lipstick Right for You? The darker your skin tones, the darker your nude lipstick choice. If you are a MAC  lipstick junkie and find yourself always turning to that makes you look great RED, you are underestimating the true beauty power of Nudes. Never dull and always awesome beauty awaits you when you add some nudes to your beauty war chest. Get bold with the eyes while the lips glow the mystery everyone wants to explore. Go NUDE!!!

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